Gemstone Information

Natural Gemstone: 

Natural gemstones come from the purest source....nature. They are created naturally over a long period of time without the aid of humans. Natural gemstones can be found deep within the earth, along riverbeds, lining rocky cliffs and at other locations. Since natural gemstones are created in nature, they will often have minor flaws, imperfections or inclusions that have occurred over time.  Generally by the time they're sold, natural gemstones have been cut or polished, but not enhanced or altered in other ways.

Synthetic or Lab Created Gemstone: 

Synthetic gemstones have all the visual, chemical and physical properties of their natural counterparts, but they are created in a laboratory. Scientists use the same elements and conditions as found in the earth to create a synthetic version of the natural gemstone, but in a much shorter time period.

Through modern technology and equipment, synthetic gemstones often look identical to nature's authentic gems. Synthetic gemstones usually appear flawless.  

Simulated Gemstone: 

Simulations are made of glass, plastic, ceramic or other materials, but they are created to resemble natural stones. One of the most well-known simulations is cubic zirconia.