How to Order and What to Expect

The process is easy.  After you place your order online, you will need to email your fingerprint and/or handwriting files.  We do not require that you physically send us any items… instead you simply take photos of your fingerprints/handwriting using your Smartphone and email to us.

Email fingerprint/handwriting files to:  Keepsakes@Adorn-Designs.com

We can typically use any fingerprint images you may already have.  If you need to capture your loved ones fingerprints, we have easy instructions using household items you already have – no need to purchase anything or wait for special products to arrive.  Click here for instructions on how to capture fingerprints.

We can also use most handwriting images you have.  We can combine different words from different items.  Example, you have one letter with wording you want and another letter with the signature you want.

Our keepsake jewelry is made from sterling silver using the actual fingerprints and handwriting that you submit to us.  We use our discretion and experience to select the area of your fingerprint image we feel will make the best impression. 


  • Your fingerprint keepsake is handmade.   It will not be "perfect" in the same way a machine can mass produce jewelry, but it will be unique and one of a kind.  Made with love and appreciation for the sentiment it holds.
  • We try to take accurate, clear images of our products.  However each item is handcrafted so there may be slight variations and may not look "exactly" like the photos.
  • The photos are made from real fingerprints.... your keepsake items will not look exactly like the photos as each each persons finger lines and image quality will be different.
  • Some pictures are deliberately taken up close to show you detail, which means products may look larger in the picture than they really are. Please read the description for measurements and refer to a ruler if needed.
  • Custom Fingerprint/Handwriting keepsakes are non-returnable and non-refundable.