Fingerprint Birthstone Charm Necklace - Oval - Sterling Silver

Regular price $90.00
You supply the fingerprint of your loved one and we capture their unique impression to create a handmade sterling silver keepsake you can cherish for years to come.  
  • 5/8" Oval Sterling Silver Fingerprint Necklace with Birthstone
  • Birthstones are included. The stones are 2mm CZ's set in sterling silver bezels.
  • Sterling silver 16" 1mm diamond cut cable chain with lobster clasp (add $25)
  • Sterling silver 18" 1mm diamond cut cable chain with lobster clasp (add $30)
  • 14k Gold Filled 1mm diamond cut cable chain with lobster clasp (add $35)
  • 3 finishes are available.  Standard (polished), Darkened Patina (add $5), 14k Gold Filled * (add $25)


  • Mother / Grandmother / Wife / New Mom / Girlfriend 
  • Remembrance Memorial of Loved Ones

We can typically use any fingerprint files you may already have (perhaps from hospital, funeral home, ID Badge, etc).  If you do not already have a fingerprint file, please see our "Fingerprint Instruction" Tab below for easy directions. 

After you please your order you will need to send your fingerprint files via email to:

Optional Custom Engraving:  We can add custom engraving or personal handwriting on the back.   ADD $55.00  


  • The photos are made from real fingerprints.... your jewelry will not look exactly like the photos as each each persons finger lines and image quality will be different.
  • Based on the size of this item, we will use the best imprint area from your submission to represent your fingerprint.
  • Fingerprint jewelry is non-returnable, non-refundable.  All sales are final.
  • (*) Plating is a process where a layer of gold is placed on to coat the surface of another metal. Anything plated will eventually tarnish with time and wear.  Clean your plated jewelry with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt. Do *not* use a polishing cloth or Pro-Polish Pad as this will strip away the plating.
  • This is a custom item. 
  • All sales are final.
  • Please see our Returns Policy for further information.

What you need:

  • 2 Pencil
  • Clear tape – wide heavy duty packing tape is easiest to use because it does not wrinkle or crease as easy -- but any clear tape will work. Do not use matte or frosted tape.
  • White paper
  • Phone, camera or scanner to capture image and save as .jpg.

 Note: If you already have a fingerprint/footprint/thumbprint, take a photo or scan and submit via email to:


 Use pencil to make a nice dark area big enough to capture your full fingerprint impression.



Rub/Smear entire fingerprint area in pencil lead and then “roll” finger from side to side on STICKY SIDE OF TAPE.  This step is important.  You will get a much better impression when you use tape.  If you just rub the print on white paper, the image can smear and will not be as detailed.



  • If your impression is too dark – immediately make another one without adding any more pencil lead. 
  • If your impression is too light – rub more pencil lead and try again.
  • Children under the age of 12 months typically have not developed detailed fingerprints.  Try using a footprint or palm print.  Send as large an image as you want. I can crop as necessary.
  • Elderly tend to lose detail in their fingerprints.  You might need to try several times on different fingers.  Alternately, use a palm print.


Take a photo of your prints.  Try to get as close as possible. Review your image...  make sure it is clear.


Submit photo via email to: 

You MUST identify your email with the following information so we can accurately fulfill your order:

  • Name
  • Any initial stamping / birthstones / or position if applicable
  • Order ID #



All jewelry will arrive in an elegant gift box, either black, ivory or pink and include:

  • Jewelry Display Card
  • Silver or Copper Jewelry Care Instructions 
  • Anti-Tarnish Strip 
  • Pro Polish Pad 

  • Please check with us if you have a delivery date that is critical.
  • We will do our best to accommodate your needs.   
  • Contact us via the "ASK A QUESTION" feature on this page or text/call 303-350-9435.

All items are handcrafted after your order is placed.  We strive for a quick turn-around.  However, depending on the complexity of the design, availability of materials and current backlog, it can take up to 10 business days to process your order.  Keep in mind, jewelry this special is worth waiting for!

  • Standard Shipping via USPS First Class.
  • Your shipping rates will be calculated at checkout.
  • You will receive tracking information once your order has been shipped. 
  • We cannot be held responsible for USPS lost or stolen packages, however we will do our best to ensure packages arrive safely to you.

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