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Fingerprint - Wide Band Men's or Women's Ring - Sterling Silver Fingerprint - Unique Split Side Ring - Sterling Silver Fingerprint - Heart - Thick Square Ring Band - Sterling Silver Fingerprint - Wrap Unisex Ring - Sterling Silver Fingerprint - Heart - Dainty Stacking Ring - Sterling Silver

Fingerprint Rings

Keep them close! Each sterling silver ring is handmade using your loved ones actual fingerprints.

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Circle, Diamond, Teardrop or Sunshine Shape - Lariat Style Fingerprint Necklace - Sterling Silver - Add Handwriting or/Birthstone Fingerprint Double Sided Pendant Necklace Including Initial- Sterling Silver Fingerprint and Handwriting Signature Necklace - Sterling Silver - Double Tags Fingerprint Teardrop Shape Necklace with Birthstone CZ - Sterling Silver Fingerprint Necklace with Birthstone CZ on Wrap Style Bail - Sterling Silver

Fingerprint Pendants

Always next to your heart. Every pendant is handmade using your loved ones fingerprints. Some pendants can be further personalized with actual handwriting and birthstones.

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Fingerprint Cuff Bracelet - Sterling Silver Fingerprint Bracelet - Double Sided Sterling Silver Oval Chain Link - Custom Initial Fingerprint Cuff Style Tube Bead Bracelet - Sterling Silver - Handmade Fingerprint Tube Bead Bracelet - Italian Leather & Sterling Silver - Handmade Fingerprint Cuff Bracelet - 24k Gold Fused on Sterling Silver

Men's and Women's

Fingerprint Bracelets

Fingerprint bracelets provide an everyday connection with your loved ones.

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Fingerprint Keychain -Rectangle with Inner Heart - Sterling Silver Fingerprint Keepsake Coin - Sterling Silver - Purse Included Fingerprint Keychain - Flat Leather - Multiple Fingerprint Options Fingerprint Keychain - 1, 2 or 3 Fingerprints - Copper & Sterling Silver Fingerprint or Handwriting Keychain - SINGLE SIDED - Sterling Silver

Something for Everyone

Fingerprint Accessories

Keychains and Pocket Coins are always close by. Some can be customized with handwriting, special sentiments, initials and even multiple fingerprints.

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Fingerprint Artwork - Memorial of a Loved One - Custom Art Print Fingerprint Artwork - Memorial of a Loved One - Custom GOLD FOIL Print Fingerprint Memorial Bookmark - Laminated with Gold Foil Nursery Artwork - Custom Hand Print or Foot Print Wall Decor Couples Fingerprint Artwork - Custom Art Print Wall Decor


Art Prints & Bookmarks

Perfect keepsakes for special occasions or loving memorials. Your loved ones fingerprints or footprints are featured along with personalized sentiments. Couples prints can be combined for unique wedding or anniversary keepsakes.

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Pet Memorial - Custom Black & White Art Print Pet Memorial Token - Sterling Silver

A Fitting Tribute

Pet Memorials

Let the memory of your beloved family member live on with custom memorial pet loss keepsakes.

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Let Us Help You Keep Your Loved Ones Close.......

Momentous Events

Momentous Events

Celebrate with fingerprint, footprint or hand print keepsakes that will forever capture the special times in your life and lives of your loved ones. 

Deployment & Long Distance Relationships

Deployment & Long Distance Relationships

Show Your Love is Strong!

Whether your loved one is across the country or across the world you can keep them close by holding on to to their unique handwriting or fingerprint impression.

In Memory

In Memory

Memorial jewelry is a beautiful way of honoring your deceased loved ones.

These precious keepsakes can provide undeniable comfort.